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This time the admin will discuss an accident that occurred in Chile, precisely near the Soc Concesionaria Autopista Nueva Vespucio Sur S.A. office. Vespucio Sur S.A.

A woman died in a severe car accident on the Vespucio Sur highway on Wednesday morning (19/2/2022 local time). The car he was driving was destroyed by a garbage truck and a taxi were also involved in the accident.

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It is suspected that the driver of the car was a 23-year-old woman who was an assistant driving a BMW and her body was thrown onto the road. During that time, the driver and his relasi suffered injuries and were in good condition and were reported to the police.

As a result of the collision, the car he was driving was destroyed and caught fire. But the first fire was extinguished by another driver.

The taxi driver involved in the accident explained the chronology of the accident. Meanwhile, Major Christian Moraga said he was investigating what happened to the SIAT Carabineros and carrying out tests at the crash site to determine the situation.

Allegedly all the drivers who were reported to have consumed alcohol paras a negative alcohol test. But it needs to be confirmed and confirmed again with a strict alcohol meter. All of these tests are free and as recommended.

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Likewise, it is investigated whether BMW was involved in another road accident on January 1, 2022. In this accident, a man scolded him on social perantara, the same car attacked him, and the driver tried to attack his colleague.

However there are no official complaints about the fact of this happening, so not sure if it’s the same driver.

Be careful when driving, because the accident no one knows. Whenever and wherever we are, death always stalks us. For that, always pay attention to safety and also pray when going to travel to get protection from God Almighty

Maybe that’s all the review about the accidente en vespucio sur that is going viral and becoming the talk of the world’s citizens. Hopefully this article can help those of you who are looking for this information, thank you for visiting.

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